Saturday, 17 October 2015

Early Praises For Get Lucky from Dr. Gemino H. Abad, Dr. Gwee Li Sui, Alfred A. Yuson, and Adeline Foo

Get Lucky

“In this remarkable anthology, the real -- the Filipino soul in diaspora, the community of people in understanding and friendship -- is as the words of the poetry, fiction, and personal narrative have it. And thus, in Singapore’s Lucky Plaza, the hum and drum, the rout and routine of day-to-day living, all bespeak a stirring image of humanity’s fellowship in mutual trust and love.”

Gémino H. Abad
University professor emeritus
University of the Philippines

“Get Lucky is least about luck. It is about personal destinies and discoveries, adventures whose heroes become part of the story of another place. This long overdue collection features earnest and emergent questing voices from the Filipino diaspora in Singapore alongside a few much-admired Singaporean writers. Take a sharp turn out of the Singapore Story and find yourself instantly between spaces, at an edge that lies within, before a cultural presence that shall be heard.”

Gwee Li Sui
Dr. Gwee Li Sui is a literary critic, a poet, and a graphic artist from Singapore

“This commendable anthology of thematic poetry, short fiction, personal essays and visual art does indeed manifest a fusion of two cultures: Singaporean and Filipino, the latter as it is continually imbedded in a host city-state that welcomes its contributions.

Transporting this culture of appreciation to “an environment that brings the best out of the Filipino” equates to good fortune. The luck here is not instant but hard-won, extending beyond the plazas of commerce and opportunity.  
It includes “the response of Singaporean writers to their fellowship with Filipinos” — surely equally as warm, as evidenced by their own contributions to this book.

The camaraderie has engendered fine literature, as a testament to the shared fortune of creativity. As brothers and sisters, we all make our own luck, together. Ultimately it is a loving one that shares the good joss and the good word.”

  Alfred A. Yuson
Alfred A. Yuson is a Filipino author of novels, poetry and short stories

“Familiar and at times poignant, these stories of longing and survival are inspiring to read. Annabelle Fabia-de Arroz's 'Inexplicable' shows the amazing grace of a woman in accepting that a child who dwells in the shelter of the Lord will forever rest in his shadow. A beautiful story that all mothers should read.”

Adeline Foo, Writer and a Mother of Three

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